Special on this game:
The whole gameengine of the 1.0 version were written within 48 hours.
Only the mainmenu and some bugfixes was writtem after these two days.
This kind of fast programming was like a challenge for me,
but i hope to participate on the Ludum Dare Competition.
In the competition is this the goal: Programm a whole game within 48 hours.
So this was a little exercise for it :)

Something to the game:
In "BirchTreeGames' TowerDefense will appear every second a tank
on the left side of the screen and moves to the right side.
If a tank reaches the right side, you lost.
The player builds towers to destroy the tanks before they reach the right side.
The lifepoints of the tanks double all 20 tanks.
You get one point and one dollar foreach destroyed tank.
From this money you buy new towers or upgrade them.
If you upgrade the towers, the damage they will make,
will be doubled (for all towers).
You see the actual value of tanklife and towerdamage
in the lower left corner.

How many points will you get? :)

Here are some screenshots:

Here you get the game:
TowerDefense 1.0 Download


TowerDefense 1.1 Download


TowerDefense 1.2 Download


TowerDefense 1.3 Download


TowerDefense 1.3.6 Download


new features in version 1.3:
- Mainmenu: BirchTreeGames'_...(yeah, the 's' wasn't right there^^)
- 4 new maps (Lasso, City, Junctions, Way?)
- intro abortable with mouseclick
- Like-button and button to website in mainmenu
- sell-button (80% back from price, shortcut "s")
- personal highscore, for each map and difficulty
(will be saved, if you close the game over an exit-button)
- new maps must be played freen
- towerrange reduced (from 200 px to 100 px)
- towerrange will be showed when built

If you have installed an earlier version (until 1.2):
Please delete the old version before you install an actual version!
delete: system control -> programms -> choose TowerDefense -> delete

for this game too:
You can immortalize yourself with your highscore in our Hall of Fame!
Make a screenshot of the "Game Over" screen and
send it to me per e-mail(
or post the image on our Facebook site
You will be written into the highscore then!

Highscores from BirchTreeGames' TowerDefense in our Hall of Fame:

Hall of Fame

comments, suggestions, praises and reviews are always welcome:



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