Santa vs. Kroks

This christmas, the Kroks try to steal the gifts from santa!
Help him to bring all gifts to the children and save christmas!

Upgrade your sledge, give your reindeer concentrated feed to make them faster
and freeze the Kroks with your latest weapon!

Instruction for the game in the mainmenu under "Hilfe"
(sorry, it's in german)

Thanks to all, who helped me with this game!
Look to the credits :)

Here is a screenshot:

Here is the game:
Santa vs. Kroks Download

New feature for this game:
You can immortalize yourself with your highscore in our Hall of Fame!
Make a screenshot of the "Game Over" screen (when you got 800 points) and
send it to me per e-mail(
or post the image on our Facebook site
You will be written into the highscore then!

Highscores from Santa vs. Kroks in our Hall of Fame:

Santa vs. Kroks highscores

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