The classic video game as remake from BirchTreeGames!

For everyone who doesn't know Pong:
In this two player version, every player control a bat
(player 1 with W and S; player 2 with up and down)
and try to keep the ball from flying behind the own bat.
If you don't manage it, the opponent get a point.
The points are symbolized trough white squares in the upper corners,
the player who reaches five points first, wins.
If nobody get a point for a long time, the bets shrink until someone gets a point.

Here are two screenshots:

for the people who can't speak german:
the german sentence means "press Space to start"

Pong Download

You don't have to install the .Net Framework, the game will install it automatically.

installation instructions:


unpack .rar file

in unpacked file (this should be a file folder with name "Pong"): start setup

It will open the installation setup, install, finished.

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