The four aliens Dabu, Jeje, Tuku and Raya were abducted by the research
facility "Atawo Research". Help them to escape and to flee!

Dabu! is a jump'n'run game, in which you can play four characters
with totally different abilities.

The Levels are to easy/hard/boring/short/long?
We are working on a level creator at the moment, so soon you be able
to create your own levels!

Here are some screenshots:

The trailer of Dabu:

This game will update itself automatically on further versions.


(Unpack with Winrar or 7zip, then execute setup.exe)

Dabu level creator:

Make youre own levels for Dabu!

(Unpack with Winrar or 7zip, then execute setup.exe)

Get new Dabu Levels:

Custom Levels

If you want to publish one Dabu Level here, you made by yourself, send it to:

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